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I signed up for the Trope Bingo being held over at [ profile] merlin_writers, but... I haven't really done much with my card.

I'm feeling optimistic, though, so I'm going to post my card here and hopefully I can start posting stuff and linking them up here on my card.

Definitely feel free to donate any ideas/thoughts!

online romance students/teachers game night drunk/drugged apocalypse
time travel hurt/comfort best friend's older brother/father historical friends to lovers
telepathy/mindshare forced proximity reunion romance forbidden love bed sharing
magical creatures established relationship mail order bride/groom flat mates blind date/set up
coffee shop secret relationship presumed dead fuck or die royalty

Hm, so far, I've started a fic for the historical square with Arthur and Merlin in Ancient Rome. I guess I could also write something in the gladiator Roman au I already have. (I also had this idea at one point to write something based on Roman comedy where Merlin would be the clever slave and Arthur the adulescens/hero sort of character. But it wouldn't be actual comedy because I know where my talents lie and it's definitely not in that direction. :P)

Students/teachers will definitely be teachers. <3 <3 And maybe I'll smush into one fic with hurt/comfort and friends to lovers so it'll pretty much be the most glim-predictable tropey fic ever. (Which I've totally already written but whatever. There is not enough of this kind of cuteness in the world, tbh.)

Royalty -- possibly some verse where Merlin is royalty? I still want to write that KMM prompt where Arthur is a Danish Prince and Merlin is Prince of Wales. Maybe this year... :s

Other than that, I don't know! I actually really like most of the prompts on this card, so I don't think I'll have trouble writing the trope once I have an idea. I think only mail order bride/groom is going to give me pause, but maybe do a historical sort of au thing for that, too?

I don't know! I keep telling myself I don't need to write huge epics for any of these fills, so maybe just starting out with a couple 500 word ficlets will help.
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