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I signed up for the current round of [community profile] trope_bingo and I got a really great card. :D I'm feeling optimistic that I can write a few of these tropes before this round ends, even if I don't get a bingo.

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Okay, I totally failed at doing Rectober posts, mostly because I also failed at having time to read fic or even listen to podfic, and I really wanted to focus on fic recs here. But! There is an extra hour of sleep tonight, so I'm going to make a post now. :D

Here are a few stories I've read lately and loved in a few fandoms - Merlin, Endeavour, Skyfall, and Cabin Pressure. ♥ ♥ (At some point I need to sit down and make rec lists for each of these fandoms individually, I reallyreally do.)

The Pride of Dibley by Camelittle (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, 12172w, Teen+)
Reverend Merlin Emrys is the first ever outwardly gay vicar in Dibley – whose parishioners are as fine a collection of misfits and eccentrics as England has ever boasted. The village comes into the limelight when Songs of Praise films a special Dibley Pride service. But Merlin soon finds himself developing feelings for Arthur, head of the production team. Who also happens to be the estranged son of Uther Pendragon: local landowner, and head of Dibley Parish Council. Oh dear.

Or: The Interrupting Sheep. A Merlin / Vicar of Dibley fusion, complete with large, over-friendly dogs. And scones.

This was ADORABLE. Everything about it was cute and lovely and Merlin as a vicar is something I've always wanted to see written. I also liked the interactions between all the characters, and loved how the story recast the Vicar of Dibley.

The Land of Counterpane, by Azile Teacup (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, 25226w, Teen+)
As Arthur lies in bed, recovering, Merlin comes in and finds him. Their friendship starts there, and continues and grows for the following years. Merlin, upon finding Arthur, begins to tell him stories. These stories are read from books, but mostly they come from Merlin's imagination and as Merlin and Arthur's world expands, so does the story, weaving through their lives and friendships.

And this was also adorable, but for different reasons. Super mega hurt/comfort fic, with Arthur and Merlin as childhood friends who basically look after each other in every way possible. Especially Merlin being protective of Arthur, which is pretty much one of my most favorite things ever. (The h/c here does involve chronic illness, and there are other warnings that the author includes in a note before the fic, but I didn't find the fic particularly angsty.)

There is A LOT OF CUDDLING. <3333

Pressure Point, by Athena Crikey (Endeavour, Morse/DeBryn, 2429w, Explicit)
Morse gets tense. DeBryn can help.

Well, first, I'll admit I much ship Morse with pretty much everyone, mostly because I want him to be happy with whomever makes him happy. And having somebody pay attention to him and comfort him and be affectionate with him makes Morse happy, and that's what this fic does well. The author has a few other pieces with Morse and DeBryn that are also fantastic, so you should absolutely read those, too.

Hypocrisy was Our Text, by neveralarch (Skyfall, Bond/Silva, 11401w, Teen+)
When Andrew Bond and Monique Delacroix Bond die in 1572, they leave behind a small freehold, a large house, and a very small, very angry boy.

A retelling of Skyfall, as it might have happened in Elizabethan England.

Ah, this was SO GOOD. Here I'll have to admit that if you create an Early Modern reimagining of a favorite fannish canon of mine, odds are I'll love it, because I love that time period, and I loved this fic. I loved the 16c versions of the Bond characters and all the little historical details and the ending. The ending was fantastic.

SPAIN, MAYBE: FIVE SCENES, by Calliatra (Cabin Pressure, Carolyn/Douglas/Herc, 2925w, Gen Audiences)
Five scenes from what is most definitely not a love story, because such sappy sentimentalism is neither welcome nor tolerated in the Knapp-Shappey household.

I love this story because it pretty much gives me the happy ending for everyone in Cabin Pressure. (And by everyone I mostly mean Carolyn and Douglas, so, you know, take that for what it's worth.) This fic is done in script format, so it reads a lot like an episode of the show, and I quite enjoyed that. And it's just such a happy fic--the characters are happy at the end, I'm super happy at the end, and I've probably read it about five times already.
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I signed up for the Trope Bingo being held over at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_writers, but... I haven't really done much with my card.

I'm feeling optimistic, though, so I'm going to post my card here and hopefully I can start posting stuff and linking them up here on my card.

Definitely feel free to donate any ideas/thoughts!

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summertime gleefic prompts

Hello, my darlings. It is summer in my half of the world and that means I have extra time for writerly things. I would love to write you some words! Also, well, I can't say the extra inspiration would be unwanted... 


Comment with a character (or characters), pairing, and some prompt-ish words. 

(I collect prompts in case you need some inspiration. But, really, a couple words or an au you want to see or a ficlet set in some au of mine or whatever is fine. :D And here's my stuff on AO3 if you'd like a timestamp ficlet in some 'verse of mine.)

Fandoms! ~ Merlin, Les Mis (especially the 2012 film), Endeavour/Morse/Lewis, Buffyverse, Good Omens, Doctor Who (well, 9/10/11, as I'm super behind on 12's episodes), Star Wars, Harry Potter, Cabin Pressure, Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes (RDJ/JW, tho), Firefly. I've been reading and/or writing mostly Merlin, Endeavour, Cabin Pressure, and Buffyverse lately, but def feel free to ask for other stuff and I'll try some wordmaking here. 


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So, if I'm going to start posting fannish stuffs here, why not start with a drabble post.

It’s a holiday weekend, so I have some free time to write some small ficlets. I would love some prompts! Character and/or relationship + a prompt is good. Or even just a prompt, tbh. (Fair warning, fandomless prompts will probably end up being something from Les Mis, Merlin, Endeavour, or BtVS.)

ALSO. It’s poetry month! So poetry prompts are rad.

(You can also comment over on tumblr if you want.)

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